Willkommen im Alex Kurtagić-Archiv

Willkommen in unserem Archiv! Nehmen Sie sich die Zeit, sich einmal in Ruhe umzuschauen, aber wirbeln Sie dabei nicht allzu viel Staub auf und stören Sie nicht die anderen Besucher, die hier ihr Wissen über unseren Autoren vertiefen wollen.

Wir arbeiten daran, Kurtagićs Werk ins Deutsche zu übertragen und es digital wie auch in gedruckter Form zugänglich zu machen.

Darüber hinaus sollen auch die englischen Originaltexte, die weit über die englischsprachige Blogosphäre verteilt sind – manche davon bereits verloren – hier gesammelt werden.y

Helfen Sie uns dabei:

(1) Weisen Sie uns auf hier noch nicht abgedruckte Texte hin.
(2) Beteiligen Sie sich an der Übersetzung ins Deutsche.
(s. hierfür im Archiv den Punkt „noch nicht übersetzte Essays“.)
(3) Für die Veröffentlichung in gedruckter Form suchen wir derzeit noch einen Verlag.

Kontaktieren Sie uns über den Kommentarbereich.yy


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Production as a Weapon

James Kirkpatrick’s review of Atlas Shrugged’s long-in-coming film incarnation highlighted something that is often underlined by some libertarian economic commentators: the need to have a productive economy—an economy based on savings and production, rather than on indebtedness and consumption.


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Wipe That Smile Off His Face A Confrontation with Abu Hamza al-Masri

Many of the Muslims who come to live in the West must daily shake their heads in amazement, unable to believe how stupid Westerners are to not only give away their wealth and paradise, but actually persecute the few who dare object. Said Muslims come here as conquerors, and our political leaders, instead of defending the interests of the people they were elected to represent, provide them with every conceivable aid to expedite the conquest. True, even the traitorous Labour government of Tony Blair found it within itself to jail or deport some of the most notorious cases; but such action, when it has been taken at all, always came late, was limited in scope, and struck one as cosmetic and expedient in character: the deeper problem – government sponsorship of foolish immigration policies, political correctness, and multiculturalism, which began and encouraged the progressive Islamisation of our society – remained untreated, and is still in fact consciously and willfully compounded through its promotion, financing, legalisation, and court enforcement, year after year after year. It is no wonder these would-be Muslim conquerors hold us in contempt.


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American Students Overseas, Then and Now

When I returned to university as a mature student on a postgraduate program, one of the changes in the landscape that struck me the most was the contrast between the Reagan-era overseas Americans I had known as a high school student and their successors, the overseas Americans of the George W. Bush regime. Weiterlesen

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The West as a Tomb

In earlier articles I discussed the negative culture within the racialist Right, focusing on two common examples: the ‘worse-is-better’ mantra, and ‘naysayerism’.

A third example is the insistence that the racialist Right, White Nationalism, White advocacy, whatever you may want to call it, is about ‘defending Western culture’. Weiterlesen

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Memoirs of a Dissident Student in Postmodern Academia

After completing my university education in 1992, I quickly discovered that my degree was not especially useful in the “real world.” It was not until twelve years later, after having founded and grown a successful business, and after having become aware of the cultural pathologies of our times, that I decided that a degree in Cultural Studies was what I required. Weiterlesen

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They Insult Our Intelligence

One would think that an award-winning journalist writing for a national “quality” newspaper and with access to some of the most eminent personages of the age would be capable of penning an intelligent article about an unconventional politician, providing novel insights and depth of analysis where his lesser peers would have been content with a facile regurgitation of clichés. Unfortunately, we live in an age when, not originality of approach or sophistication of insight, but blind subjection to Freudo-Marxist dogma and crass fealty to the state-sponsored party line are the key to achieving recognition in a journalistic career. Weiterlesen

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Black Metal Lord Attends Quaker Meeting (and Discovers the Victorian Capitalists)

Christopher Donovan’s recent article, Notes from Central Pennsylvania: The Very Long Arm of Egalitarian Propaganda, reminded me of the time I attended a Quaker meeting here in England, sometime in early 2004. Back then, I lived in one of two lonely rural cottages and had as my neighbor a recently divorced former police sergeant, G., who described herself as ‘a Jesus nut’. Weiterlesen

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